Since the early signs of the Pandemic, BCC remained focused on following the Government guidelines to ensure the safety of our employees, customers and all stakeholders.

Safety First.

Brompton Cross management established a reliable and efficient way of communication to staff and customers throughout the Coronavirus Pandemic. This is taking place using our internal online systems and through periodic verbal communication and toolbox talks.

For all non-essential workers, we rapidly implemented an efficient work-from-home system through advanced team collaboration tools and techniques.

For other staff, we have moved to a new larger head office with a more suitable layout to maintain a safe social distance between colleagues, in addition to providing face masks and hand and surface sanitisers to each employee.

We also supply our sites with disinfection material and foggers to conduct periodic sanitisation cleaning. We also set up sanitisation stations for workers and visitors following a strict Covid-19 guideline and updated Health and Safety policy.

Flexible Working

As a flexible response to the pandemic, we analysed the individual cases of all our staff and agreed on practical plans to ensure that the physical and mental health for each employee is well maintained including the management of leaves or travel if essential, part-time working hours, self-isolation and working from home.

Offer Support to NHS Efforts

Brompton Cross has made several offers to contribute to the national efforts against the pandemic. This included an offers to extend support in construction works, cleaning and sanitisation efforts in addition to supplying sanitisation products where needed.

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