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For over 10 years BCC has been implementing best practices in corporate social responsibility through individual and corporate initiatives.

As part of this strategy, BCC is now working towards implementing a fully integrated EMS (Environmental Management System) which we look to have accredited by the end of this year.

 BCC has recently undertaken an environmental awareness course through the RBS mentor scheme.

Environmental Awareness with RBS mentor scheme

Awareness and understanding of environmental issues are becoming more and more important, particularly with regard to ensuring compliance with environmental legislation and demonstrating environmental credentials to the supply chain.

We at Brompton Cross Construction have taken the time and effort to educate ourselves further into environmental awareness to reduce our impact on the environment and shrink our carbon footprint both on-site and at home.

By taking this course, we aimed to improve our understanding of key environmental issues and legislation in relation to the construction industry.

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Why should we bother?

More and more legislation is targeting the environment and global carbon management. For instance, the companies act 2006 requires all Company Directors to consider the impact that their business has on the community and the environment.

Probably the most important reason why we should bother is that of environmental reasons. Scientists agree that humans can have a significant environmental impact. Climate change scientists have reached a consensus that human activity does contribute to climate change.

Climate change scientists have reached a consensus that human activity does contribute to climate change.


Global surface temperatures have increased by 0.8’C in the last one hundred years

The 15 warmest years on record have all been since 1990

It is estimated that half of the Earth’s mature tropical forests have now been cleared

The Earth is warming faster than at any time in the past 10,000 years

There has been a 40% drop in the amount of Arctic ice since the 1970’s

The area of the world stricken by drought doubled between 1970 and the early 2000’s

60% of the world’s available fresh water is in just 10 countries

460 million people live in countries with a serious water scarcity problem

Recorded human history = one millionth of Earth’s existence. i.e. 0.00001%

With facts such as these, we can only do our part to help reduce our own carbon footprint.

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