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The importance of roof insulation in homes today cannot be emphasised enough.


It is even more important for those who live in particular areas that

experience extreme temperatures, be it hot or cold climates.

The addition of roof insulation to your home can drastically reduce your energy bills.

Not only will this save you money long term, but it also provides you with the peace of mind

that you are setting a great example by being environmentally friendly.


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Roof insulation can often be labelled an expensive affair;

however, many people often decide to skip it in favour of door and window insulation instead.

There are some great alternatives available that can save you money.

Here are a few green home insulation options which are also great for the environment.



Eco-friendly Insulation Solutions

Cellulose fibre insulation

This type of insulation is made from old cardboard, newspaper, and a variety of other recycled paper products. It is usually sprayed into the attic or can be purchased in sheets. A great benefit this option offers is the fact that it is made from very effective fire retardant material that actually slows the spread of fire. It can additionally help reduce noise, working towards soundproofing your home.

Soy insulation

This is a relative newcomer. As the name suggests, it is made from soybean oil and is applied using a spray-in technique. It works by expanding like foam and filling in cracks and small crevices. It finally hardens to offer an excellent home insulation solution for your house.

Recycled denim

Did you know that you can put your old pair of jeans to good use by using it for roof insulation? It is a fact that denim and other cotton products are now being recycled to provide material for insulating the roof. It is soft and does not irritate respiratory systems or the skin. It is also resistant to fire and vermin; it additionally works as an excellent sound barrier.

Wool insulation

This option, although environmentally friendly, can turn out to be quite expensive. However, it does offer the best insulation possible right now, especially if you are looking to only use environmentally friendly products. Wool has natural moisture-resistant properties, so it is ideal for use in places where it rains a lot. No adhesives are used, and it can be reused easily.

The above options are great alternatives when it comes down to saving money and helping maintain a healthy, environmentally friendly home. They all have great insulating properties and are ideal for any type of home.

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