Vauxhall Project – Victoria (update)

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Vauxhall Project • Victoria

This ongoing project is located in the heart of Victoria, London. Vauxhall Bridge Road comprises the design, construction and fitting out of 15 apartments and a penthouse suite with over 2500 sq meters gross internal area.
Works on this conversion from commercial to residential project also include an extension to the penthouse, installation of a new lift and a concierge area.
. . . .
As of today floors 1,2 and 3 are coming towards the end of second fix with all floors, doors plumbing etc’ being fitted and suitably protected.
The fourth floor is in beginning stages of second fix with wall painting taking place.
Fifth floor the plastering is just being finished off, ready for second fix.
The sixth floor penthouse suite is in the first fix stage currently finishing the internal electrics and insulation.
The lift to each floor is also being installed
. . . .
Check out the photos of the progress below
Floor 1-2-3
. . . .
Floor 4
. . . . .
Floor 5

. . . . . 
Sixth floor Penthouse
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